Campaign Name : Private: 2019 Walk in the Park

Team Name : Team Kinecta

Raised: $4176 Goal: $3000
Team Members

Yvette Rodriguez (Team Creator)

Sheena Weiss $20

Yvette Rodriguez$70

Tammy Yang$50

Annette Delfin$1

Annette Delfin$25

Tammy Yang$50

Brent Delfin$15

Brent Delfin$20

Mikel Lueck$25

Jason Marquez$60

Jason Marquez$60

Veronica Elizalde$30

Kay Mckenna$20

Michael Wolf$18

Kathy Araujo$20

Vickie Dupuy$1

Vickie Dupuy$50

Yvette Rodriguez$40

Yvonne & Vanessa $40

Kevin & Lennon Cadena$20

Yvette Rodriguez$20

Yvette Rodriguez$20

Anna Recio$25

Anna Recio$25

Valerie Watson$20

Adrian Silv a$25

At Kinecta, we’re part of the communities where our members and employees live and work. Through our outreach program, Kinecta Volunteer Corps, we strive to help make a difference. We invite all to get involved!