Campaign Name : 2022 Walk in the Park


Raised: $2500 Goal: $1000
Team Members

Ariane Martin (Team Creator)

Carole Miller$200

Wylda C$100

Harper Nicole$25

Bettye Stubblefield$50

Yumiko Whitaker$100

Tommye Martin$375

Reyna Martin$100

Sharleen mandaus$25

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Bakir Allen$150

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Ariane Martin$55

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Nayeli Rios$55

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Mason Benavidez$25

Lynnette West-Cater$5

Lynnette West-Cater$100

Lynnette West-Cater$120

Barbara Wilson$25

Zoey Grace Marie Carter-Martin is the reason why We walk, advocate and support. Zoey has brought an immeasurable amount of joy, love,beauty and Grace into our lives and this is an excellent opportunity to Celebrate her and what makes her special. When I was told my daughter would have Down Syndrome, I had no idea what that would mean for the quality of her life and our family. Sadly, her genetic specialist and the Dr. giving me this diagnosis was not supportive in our decision to have a child with Down Syndrome and to be honest was quit negative in what to expect with a child who has Down Syndrome...and this is a big part of why we will walk this year. To show the reality of having a kid with Down Syndrome. To brag to the Naysayers and let the new Moms and families who may not know where to turn or don't have anywhere to turn that it can be better than you ever imagined. We built this team to for Zoey Grace and all her friends with "a little extra" to know they are loved;and how blessed those of us who know Zoey truly are the Lucky Few.