Campaign Name : 2023 Walk in the Park

Team Name : Abbility.Rocks

Raised: $60 Goal: $5000
Team Members

Robert Castillo (Team Creator)

Team MembersAmount Raised
Denise English$10.00
Liz Lew$50.00
Hey there, fantastic folks! Get ready for an amazing time at the 2023 Buddy Walk with Abbility.Rocks! We're all about fun and making a big positive impact. This special event is like a huge party where we come together to support our friends with Down syndrome. Abbility.Rocks is all about celebrating how incredible and special each person is. We believe that everyone's abilities are awesome – no matter who you are! By walking and raising money, we're helping our wonderful friends with Down syndrome and their families. It's like being a superhero of kindness! When you join us, you become part of something really cool. The money we collect will make sure our friends with Down syndrome have the support they need to shine brightly. But it's not just about the money – it's also about showing that we care deeply and want the world to be friendly and welcoming to everyone. So, put on your comfy shoes, get ready for a fantastic time, and let's make the 2023 Buddy Walk an event to remember. We're stepping up to make the world a better place, one joyful step at a time!