Campaign Name : 2023 Walk in the Park

Team Name : Blessed By Emmanuel

Raised: $150 Goal: $400
Team Members

Berenice Brewer (Team Creator)

Team MembersAmount Raised
Angie Garrison$25.00
Alyssa Lopez$15.00
Marina Riad$50.00
Tery Pen$20.00
Suany Echevarria$20.00
Suany Echevarria$20.00
Emmanuel has been a real blessing in our lives. Our life changed when we became part of this group. This is why I am asking for donations to help those with Down Syndrome and their families. The money is used to support parents during hard times. To make them feel happy and enjoy life together. To make them feel that they belong in this world. To give them power and a voice. You can help by donating to Team Blessed by Emmanuel" or register to walk with us on October 8, 2023. Thank you.