Campaign Name : 2023 Walk in the Park

Team Name : Joshua 1:9 Be Strong & Courageous

Raised: $1670 Goal: $2000
Team Members

Sara Illingworth (Team Creator)

Team MembersAmount Raised
Lilian Aguilera$10.00
Eddie Bustillos$10.00
Cristina Lupini$50.00
Magdalena Sandoval$50.00
Del Rio Family$100.00
Sylvia Lafarga$50.00
Tricia Ortiz$30.00
Fernando & Lydia Perez Family$100.00
Carmen Merino$50.00
Chita Perez$30.00
Raymond Cruz$25.00
Dennise Perez$25.00
Mike and Janie Alaniz$100.00
Sugie Garcia$100.00
Terry Bockenholt$20.00
Tommy Hodges$20.00
Fernando & Lydia Perez Family$20.00
Nicholas Rubalcava$50.00
Yesenia Rey$25.00
Tania Mercado$50.00
Natalie Del Real$25.00
Jenny Gutierrez$20.00
The Meza Family$50.00
Alejandra Brinas$20.00
Irma Robinson$50.00
Laura Vasquez$20.00
Eloise Pro$10.00
Berenice Salazar$50.00
Elaine Yanez$50.00
Michelle Escandon$100.00
Hernandez Family$25.00
Rita Eastman$50.00
Ashley Africa$50.00
Veronica Rodriguez$20.00
Santana Lopez$20.00
Yvonne Thomas$25.00
Donna Crandell$50.00
Erika Chavez$50.00
Beverly Davila$50.00
Nicole Vertti$20.00
Hi friends & family, October is a very special month for so many reasons. To us and the lucky few, it means it’s our month to shine and share awareness about Down Syndrome. Down syndrome is a gift that only selected families are fortunate to know. It’s a journey of patience, gratitude, love, and growth that our family couldn’t have been more blessed to be a part of. Joshua would love for all of you to come and join him in spreading awareness by celebrating our 2023 Buddy Walk. By walking besides Joshua and his buddies, not only would you be a part of spreading awareness and having an awesome time. But, you’d be helping us raise funds to support our buddies and give them the resources they need to continue to shine. It will be a day you wouldn’t want to miss filled with extra hugs, smiles, and love. If you’re unable to walk with us, you can still join our team by helping us meet our goal. Any amount is greatly appreciated. Team Joshua 1:9 Be Strong & Courageous💪🏼