Campaign Name : 2022 Walk in the Park

Team Name : Rhodes Family 2022

Raised: $5601 Goal: $5000
Team Members

Greg Rhodes (Team Creator)

Jeremy Doe$50

DSFRC Rhodes$100

DSFRC Rhodes$40

Stephanie Ellis$500

Rexford Wait$500

Ryan Wright$50

Katherine Thomas$100

Tadas Mikuckis$500

Jeremy Doe$5

Jeremy Doe$1

Jeremy Doe$5

Terry Tomerlin$100

Larry Prince$100

C&S Auto$500

Tom Munoz$50

Michael Kennedy$2000

Robert Yakemonis$800

Brian Freeland$200

The Rhodes Family is supporting Jackie and Emily in their inspiring commitment to achieving the highest quality of life possible. Please join us in this effort by making a donation and participating in our social and educational event. We thank you all!